Interface & Session Updates (v0.1.3)

Mar 08
Interface & Session Updates (v0.1.3)


  • Filter, search and column visibility is now persistent
  • New index column added, '#', indicating the position of that TLD for today (across all TLDs) based on the total number of domains. To show the column access 'SetColumns'.
  • The columns ZoneNew, ZoneBack and ZoneDrop renamed to New, Backs, Drops respectively. Each column links to the list of domains for that category on the individual TLD page e.g. The 'New' column is now shown by default, next to the 'Change' column. See the Release notes below for more info on New/Drops and Backs and how they relate to the 'Change' figure.
  • The default columns shown (for a new user) now includes percentage changes for the last Day/Month/Quarter/Year. If we've just started tracking that TLD or the percentage is close to zero, then nothing is shown.
  • Percentage changes over 1000 are now shown as '>999'. Usually such a high percentage change indicates a TLD that has just been released (or has Verisign as their backend provider, see below).
  • More tweaks to layout

Release Notes

Where we have access to the TLD zonefile we track daily domain changes and then categorise the changed domains into three tables:

  • New - domains new to the zone today (never seen before)
  • Drops - domains dropped from zone (either not renewed (about to delete) or no proper nameservers)
  • Backs - domains that have re-appeared in the zone (either re-registered after deletion, renewed or now properly configured) The total of (New + Backs) - Drops equals the net change to the zonefile size for that day (e.g. the Change column). Large drops can often mask healthy growth in new original domains. You can see this by ordering by the New column, descending (see below)

Ordered by New domains today

Here .XYZ gained 4,407 domains (domains our system has never seen before) but also on the same day lost a further 6,681 domains from its zonefile. But the net change for the day was -1,201. The size of the drop has masked a healthy rise in new domains for .XYZ.

Note: Where we have no access to a zonefile there is no breakdown for New/Backs/Drops. This screenshot was taken before the legacy TLDs were updated hence no .COM/.NET etc

TLDs with Verisign as their backend provider and with low numbers of domains (typically about 20) show consistently high percentage changes. This is because Verisign adds and drops a few test domains (of the form 'emt-t-826666453-1520075851295-2-ho' etc) daily for these TLDs. We'll add an exclusion for these percentage changes at a later date, should help clean up the view.

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