Beginnings (v0.1.0)

(Soft Launch at NamesCon 2018)

Jan 27


  • TLD list with sortable and configurable columns (home page)
  • Filter dropdown (home page)
    • Page for each TLD with:
    • Latest Pricing from popular registrars
    • New Domains List - domains new to the zone today (never seen before)
    • Drops List - domains droppped from zone (either not renewed (about to delete) or no proper nameservers)
    • Backs List - domains that have reappeared in the zone (either re-registered after deletion, renewed or properly configured)
    • Sites List - latest list of sites for this TLD in Alexa
  • Info panel detailing data collection progress (home page)
  • Data collection framework
  • Site framework (responsive)
  • Simple contact button

Release Notes

A good start.

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